Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Retirement Home

This time last year, we were still finalizing some custom changes on our new retirement home. Getting closer to SS age, made us realize that it was now or never to order a new 2014 Suite.

So working with Alicia @Rolling Retreats in Elk City, OK, we settled on a new floorplan and then reconsidered all the options we had on our 2009 and made as many upgrades as our budget could afford. As it was being built, they would send up photos of our unit. Did it make it easier or tougher, am not really sure. But it was a long wait, since they seemed to get very busy last Fall and were trying to keep up with the demand. Took at least a month longer than our previous Suite to take possession.

Unfortunately, the delays meant we were getting into Winter weather. So when we picked up our unit the week before Thanksgiving. Left Dodge City on a sunny day. Then the wind started. By the time we arrived at the dealership, we encountered strong frigid cold wind that made the process of transferring our items from one Suite to the other a big headache. By the next morning, the rain had turned to Ice, then Snow on top of the Ice the following day. So we were trapped on the dealer's lot living in our new RV.

Finally, after 3 days of Winter, the sun came out and melted everything enough to leave.

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