Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Another Turkey Day up in Virginia. It's a little harder cooking a big feast for just two, but it helps keep the RV warmer!

This is our second winter in a row in Virginia. We arrived earlier this month after spending time in the south. Since we were in Birmingham doing a project, we could take a few weekends to visit with our kids and grandkids. Now we're in colder part of the US and have already experienced some snow days in the last two weeks!

I think we missed out on fall this year. The leaves were just turning in AL by the time we left on November 7. The nights had finally cooled off. The ride up through GA, SC and NC the trees were brilliant colors. But once up into Central VA, the trees had already lost most of their leaves.

This weekend, we moved into an RV Park that is one mile from jobsite. We're doing our part for Global Warming and keep the price of oil down!

Happy Holidays to all.