Friday, December 19, 2008

"Six for the Road"

TLC has shown a couple of episodes of the Loud family who started fulltiming in an older 5th wheel in October of 2007. It's good to see people on the road who actually choose to downsize and see the benefit of living in an RV fulltime. They homeschool the kids and can see geography and history as they study it.

I was also glad to see they upgraded their 5th wheel to a new customized toy hauler. The old one was becoming unsafe. We've upgraded our 5th wheel, too. Living in one fulltime, it doesn't take long to see the flaws of a floorplan and decide what works best for your family and lifestyle.

Most of the Fulltime RV population is older, retired and don't have anything interesting enough to make a television show about. But having 4 children, Mom, Dad and two dogs being able to move around at will, you're going to have different more exciting experiences.

Hopefully, the episodes will continue, will improve and encourage those who want to do this someday!

Go LOUD Family!