Friday, June 27, 2008

Eat Mor Chikin

This is what David has been building the last few months. Those are Union picketers at his jobsite in WV. There's a first time for everything. He sent the Cow out to help them think "Happy Thoughts".

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Wilds in Cumberland, OH

The Wild's is a 10,000 acres conservation area reclaimed from strip mining the SE Ohio area near Cumberland, OH. Mostly endangered species that can be traded around from zoo to zoo for breeding. The area is mostly grassland. Quite beautiful compared to what it used to be.

We chose to ride the Open Air Safari rather than the enclosed bus in the first picture. Some animals came quite close to the bus, while others were off near water. There were unusual animals, like the Sichuan Takin and two different types of Rhino's. The standard White and one that prefers water. The Cheetah's were added in 2007.

It's quite an enjoyable trip and takes a few hours to go through the park. Stops are included so you can get out and walk closer to some of the animal exhibits. It's much different than the Wildlife Safari in Winston, OR where we could drive our own vehicles. In Ohio, the animals are enclosed in sometimes a series of gates. The buses use a clicker to open to allow us to go through and then they are closed behind the buses.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Dangers of RV

The dangers are real. This morning, I opened our back curtains to see firetrucks nearly in our backyard. One of the campers behind us had caught on fire and the firefighters were already trying to put it out. It seemed to be centered on the refrigerator area.

No one was home and another RV owner was walking his dog heard a pop and spotted the flames. It is a seasonal camper and the owners aren't there very often. But with highly flammable propane on every camper, it could have had serious consequences for the other campers or those in their RV's like us.

We've seen multiple RV's on fire on the road from overheated engines or in accidents. This is the first campground fire we've seen. Not the best way to wake up in the morning!

Amish Country Winery near Dover, OH

A few miles East of SugarCreek is one of the many winery's of Amish Country. The Breitenbach Winery is quite colorful. It's in a beautiful setting of green hillsides. This is the view from the winery heading back to main road, Old Scenic Route 39.

Amish Country of SugarCreek, Ohio

This part of Ohio is just one areas of the country that has a high population of Amish. They are easy to spot because of the traditional clothing . Some were working in the Restaurant. It was interesting, some came using a Horse and Buggy parked in the grassy area near Customer parking lot. Another Amish woman arrived to shop in the Gift Shop in an SUV.

Cemetary view is from the parking lot of the Dutch Valley Restaurant.