Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas is Cumming

Christmas is almost here. I have finally finished the annual Christmas letter & will get those out this week. I think next year it would be nice to email the letters and save some postage. We decided to put up a tree inside. A small wreath has been added to the outside of our door. It looks festive & is easier to get into the Christmas spirit. With temperatures in the 70's over the weekend, we thought we missed winter all together.

We have our shopping done for the family & each other. You can't buy much since we have nearly run out of storage room. We are also glad that the company that David works for gives us an opportunity to find needy families to share at Christmas. We miss that aspect of going to Church.

Our Church youth groups would play Secret Santa. They would ring your bell at night & hide in the bushes. We also would leave presents in other needy family's cars while they were in Church on Sunday. We love the anonymous gifting. The recipients will look at all of the members as possible donors & be thankful to all. There is great joy in being able to give. Prayers to all.

Merry Christmas & the Happiest of New Years!