Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Furniture upgrades & interior changes

Even though RV's come fully furnished, we find that residential style furniture is more comfortable & well worth switching out from RV furniture. Plus we like to have our own colors, curtains, according to our eclectic taste. After all we live here fulltime & enjoy being comfortable.
Here's some of our changes. Ekornes Euro chair & ottoman where couch used to sit, LaZBoy split loveseat & table where the RV Euros sat & copper colored backsplash in kitchen above stovetop. We chose LaZBoy because the recliners break into sections & can be carried in or out easily through the doorway. We chose Ekornes because of their warranty & quality. More expensive, but we hope it will last us many years. Only downside is our cat seems to think it's HER chair.
It really opens up the room. There are fewer places to sit, but we don't entertain that much while we are traveling. Bringing in our personal items can turn to clutter in such a small space, but we enjoy picking up items on our travels. Plus we display many pictures of our children & from the grandchildren.

Fall colors in No GA

This is one of the nicest RVParks we've been in. Partly because we got a prime space with full hook-ups. We're here through Christmas. Beyond that who knows. Twin Lakes RV Park is in Cumming, GA. Just down the road is the house we lived in for 18 years. Even do our shopping at same stores we did when we lived here. Deja Vu.