Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New RV - Downsizing (?)

We were recently up in Bloomington, MN working. Yes, it's the home of the Mall of America, but we didn't really have time to go see it with busy work schedule. But we did have time to go to quite a few RV Dealers on the weekend to see some 2013-14 RV's we hadn't seen before.

We started by driving to Anoka/Ramsey to look at Tiffin 36-38' Motorhomes. Nice, but not us. While there, we also looked at shiny new Airstream TT's and a Class B. They all had high price tags and we weren't looking at downsizing that small just yet.

While there, we knew just down the road was a dealer that carried Triple E Class C's. Known for their 4-season insulation, we had to stop in. One feature we really liked was the MB- Murphy Bed Option. One had just arrived 2 days before. Living space by day, sleeping by night, very tempting. But again, it would mean some space sacrifices.

Then another free Saturday weekend, decided to check out Truck Campers. So it was off to Ham Lake to see a Lance 1172. Very nice, but not in place of our beloved Suite. But while we were that far north, we stopped at an Arctic Fox dealer to see what they had for TC's. Better prices, but not the same Wow Factor with some of the features and finishes.

Finally, I was looking at DRV Luxury Suite dealers in the area. The one in Ramsey didn't have a new Mobile Suite Estates, so I extended my range and found a dealer in Elk Mound, WI that had a 2014 Mobile Suite Estates in the same floor plan we already own. So the next cool Saturday, it was off for a Road Trip on the Laura Ingles Wilder Memorial Hwy.

Even without power, we could tell that this new 2014 features were a big improvement over our 2009. They also carry another high end line called Lifestyle. So we got to compare them side by side. Then we took a brochure, talked about trading and set up an appointment for them to come to MN to evaluate our unit.

Then as we always do on the long drive home, we talked about what we did and didn't like. Hate this window, hate the countertop, don't like the furniture, don't need an electric step and on and on. So I composed an email to the WI dealer and another in OK and asked for quotes. WI dealer couldn't guarantee us that it would be finished by early November, so we decided to work with one in OK.

So on the very last day of July, after getting approved for a loan, we put in our order. Not downsizing but upgrading. We tweaked the order a few times, added and subtracted. But finally, in 2 days, our 2014 (1/2) 38RSB3 will go on the production line.  We are so excited, because we ordered right before some of the new changes will be added. While we thought we might miss out, we are just in time to get a few of them added to our unit. Yippee!

Once again, it will truly be custom and it will have the best of the best features. At least the ones we will get the most use out of...
Pictures to follow.