Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas is Cumming

Christmas is almost here. I have finally finished the annual Christmas letter & will get those out this week. I think next year it would be nice to email the letters and save some postage. We decided to put up a tree inside. A small wreath has been added to the outside of our door. It looks festive & is easier to get into the Christmas spirit. With temperatures in the 70's over the weekend, we thought we missed winter all together.

We have our shopping done for the family & each other. You can't buy much since we have nearly run out of storage room. We are also glad that the company that David works for gives us an opportunity to find needy families to share at Christmas. We miss that aspect of going to Church.

Our Church youth groups would play Secret Santa. They would ring your bell at night & hide in the bushes. We also would leave presents in other needy family's cars while they were in Church on Sunday. We love the anonymous gifting. The recipients will look at all of the members as possible donors & be thankful to all. There is great joy in being able to give. Prayers to all.

Merry Christmas & the Happiest of New Years!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Furniture upgrades & interior changes

Even though RV's come fully furnished, we find that residential style furniture is more comfortable & well worth switching out from RV furniture. Plus we like to have our own colors, curtains, according to our eclectic taste. After all we live here fulltime & enjoy being comfortable.
Here's some of our changes. Ekornes Euro chair & ottoman where couch used to sit, LaZBoy split loveseat & table where the RV Euros sat & copper colored backsplash in kitchen above stovetop. We chose LaZBoy because the recliners break into sections & can be carried in or out easily through the doorway. We chose Ekornes because of their warranty & quality. More expensive, but we hope it will last us many years. Only downside is our cat seems to think it's HER chair.
It really opens up the room. There are fewer places to sit, but we don't entertain that much while we are traveling. Bringing in our personal items can turn to clutter in such a small space, but we enjoy picking up items on our travels. Plus we display many pictures of our children & from the grandchildren.

Fall colors in No GA

This is one of the nicest RVParks we've been in. Partly because we got a prime space with full hook-ups. We're here through Christmas. Beyond that who knows. Twin Lakes RV Park is in Cumming, GA. Just down the road is the house we lived in for 18 years. Even do our shopping at same stores we did when we lived here. Deja Vu.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Boothbay Harbor Maine

We decided to take a break from the RV life. We could either go on a cruise or go to Maine during the week of the 4th of July. We went with Maine. Using strictly the internet, we narrowed our choice down to Mid-Coast Maine because of the driving time from Fredericksburg, VA. To also break up the long drive, we stopped overnight in Milford, CT. Was a very wise choice, since the Saturday traffic through NJ, NYC added hours to our trip. Toll booths added cost and major delays, turning a 6 hr drive into 11 hrs. At least we got to the motel in CT before dark.

We had an easier trip to Boothbay Harbor from Milford. Toll booths were still slowing us down, but not quite as bad. We were pleasantly surprised to see our destination. We had decided on a B&B: The Topside Inn that exceeded our needs. We pulled all of our information from the internet. None of us had ever been in Maine, so the internet and pictures from websites were all we had to pick out a good spot.

Ed & Brian are great InnKeepers. We didn't stay in the main house, but in one of the two outbuildings. We also had daily maid service They served us breakfast of fresh fruit, homemade granola and hot freshly baked muffins most mornings. Then we were given new breakfast dishes everyday rather than the standard eggs, pancakes and bacon. Prices were reasonable, too. Would definitely recommend it to anyone.

We experienced wonderful weather during our stay. We felt a breeze most of the time which helped to keep the temperatures comfortable. Sitting outside on the deck or on the lawn looking over the Harbor was the most relaxing time. The Bounty, the ship used in the filming of "Mutiny on the Bounty" and in "Pirates of the Caribbean" is being restored just below the Inn. The masts of the Bounty was part of the view we had of the Harbor.

The Inn is within walking distance to the town and Harbor activities. We expected to lose weight since all we did was walk. Walked to lunch and dinner. Walked through dozens of shops. Walked over the footbridge to get to the other side of the Harbor.

We experienced the local menu. Lobster rolls, haddock sandwiches (with a slice of cheese) and homemade ice cream from Wannawaf: Hot Belgian waffle pieces in an ice creme sundae. Hmmm, maybe that's why we all gained a few pounds. No one really complained about the food while we were there.

Our son and his wife who made the trip with us, went on a 3 1/2 hr Whale Cruise, while we opted for the Kennebuc River cruise. It was 3 hrs long, but had a relaxing, beautiful trip. We chose this one to see as many lighthouses as possible. Was surprised that the lighthouses were small. Maybe bacause they were mostly in the rivers. Quite the trip and would like to make a return trip some day, but maybe with the RV.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Why we chose Doubletree.

When we bought our first 5th wheel, we were limited to finding dealers in north Florida, because that's where we were living at the time. We bought our first 40' 5th wheel thinking that because the brochure said, Fulltiming Unit, that it was sufficient for our needs. Unfortunately, after spending the hottest summer in North Charleston, SC in 10 years and then a few cold winter months near Winston Salem, NC, we started looking for other fulltiming units. Deciding this time it would need:
1) dual pane windows
2) good insulation
3) storage space for things we needed but didn't want sitting around living room
4) a good floorplan for living

I had been doing research on the internet. Reading forums is one great way to gleam information from others. We had already ruled out Hitchhiker the first go around. We knew Teton's were too heavy for our Tow Vehicle. We were leaning towards Heartland's Landmark line. We were able to visit a dealer close to Winston Salem, NC, but they didn't have the exact model we were looking for. Viewing pictures in brochures or online doesn't compare to walking through a unit. So we thought, we would wait for the RV shows to arrive in our area. We might see something new that was out there. Greensboro, NC had one in early January and Charlotte, NC had one later that month.

I reviewed my short list of possible units again and came across Doubletree Mobile Suites. I checked out the Doubletree website. Noted it seemed to have so many things standard that were only options on other RV's or not available at all. It was one I definitely wanted to check out. So I was excited when I found out a dealer near Hickory, NC not only carried the Mobile Suite line, but was going to be at the Greensboro show that very weekend.

Lo and Behold. There it was in the first building. The first unit we walked through. It was like our new home just waiting for us. It had everything we would have ordered if we could sit down and order one. It wasn't a Mobile Suite, though. It was from the Elite line. New to 2006 and it looked like everything we needed plus much more.

After talking to the salesman at Carolina Coach and Camper from Hickory, NC and the East Coast representative for Doubletree, we put down our deposit. They were going to close up the unit for the rest of the show, but because they had so many requests to view it, they couldn't. We were told later that it was even featured as "Best in the Show" on the Greensboro local news station.

In our Beautiful unit:
** Double pane windows
** Large kitchen counters in granite
** Large sidebyside refrigerator
** 3 1/2" walls for R-13 value
** King size 72 x 80 bed
** 42" Sony plasma TV
** 2 AC units
** Kenmore washer & dryer
** GE Profile micro/convection oven
** Wonderful drawer and cabinet space in kitchen and bedroom
** Twice the basement storage as our last trailer
** More than adequate interior lighting

We've now been living in it for 4 mos. It's had it's issues, but none that couldn't be handled easily so far. It's definitely a great unit and fits our needs. We're hoping it will continue to be home for many years to come.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Fulltime sites and rates

I started this page because there seems to be a need for a database with monthly rates available for those searching to save costs while living on the road. It is a work in progress. But will keep updating as we find parks to add.

*** Tallahassee, FL: Tallahassee RV Park
3/2005 to 5/2005: 30 amp monthly site $434.80

*** Cumming, GA: Twin Lakes RV Park
10/2006 to 1/2007: 50 amp monthly prime site $510

*** Statesville, FL: Midway Campground
10/2005 to 3/2006: 50 amp monthly site $339.50 + electric

*** Ladsen, SC: Charleston KOA
6/2005 to 10/2005: 50 amp monthly site $435

*** Fredericksburg, VA: Graningers MH Supply and Park
3/2006 to 7/2006: 50 amp monthly site $450

*** Williamsburg, VA: American Heritage RV Park
7/2006 to 9/2006: 50 amp monthly site $675 ($550 after September)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Our Six Children/ 5 boys and 1 girl

David and I didn't start out wanting a large family. He came from a family of five children, I had four in mine. Before we were married, we thought three or four would be a nice number. But ya know, we just enjoyed babies so much, we just kept having them. But six was a good number to stop at. We just took them one at a time.

Our oldest a son was born just under three hours after David arrived from the Seattle airport to the hospital. He had just flown in from Guam on two weeks emergency leave from the SeaBees. David has never missed a birth.

Our second son was born four years later.Exactly two years later, our third son was born. Then exactly two years after that, also in May our daughter was born. Then so we wouldn't have a fourth May birthday, we ended up with a son born on Christmas Day. Then our last was born three years later on my younger sister's birthday. That was it. We were complete. At least until the grandchildren starting coming along.

Getting thoughts in order

It's sometimes difficult to get quiet time, caring for a 5 year old granddaughter in a 37' 5th wheel. But am hoping to get this started. Eventually, when she's back at home with her mother, she and the other grandchildren can share in our "on the road journeys". Of course it may turn into more than that. This is an ongoing adventure.
We have been fulltiming with an RV since March of 2005. First in Tallahassee, FL, then moving to Charleston, SC, then to Winston Salem, NC and now we are Fredericksburg, VA. Next stop should be Williamsburg, VA . As you can see from the map, we have lived or traveled in many states, but have yet to do it all in our RV. This is one of our life goals.