Saturday, October 30, 2010

Side trip to Indiana

We took a side trip to Indiana to get some upgrades and repairs done to the 5th wheel. Overall, very pleased with the work. Was also a nice mini-vacation exploring Amish and RV country in Howe, Elkhart and Shipshewana, IN. We had been there just over 2 years ago and had taken the DRV Suite Factory Tour. But as always, we learned a few new things and saw the upgrades that are being added to new Suites.
Finished products: Select, Mobile and Elite Suites

Installing slide-out

We ate at the Blue Gate Restaurant 2 days in a row. Very good both days. And it's always fun to share a meal and so we basically had 4 different ones between the 2 of us. We also had time to visit the Shipshewana Flea Market. Gave us plenty of walking to work off the calories.

The RV Hall of Fame had a few different displays this visit. Always love looking at the really old RV's thinking how lucky we are to have all the comforts of home. Especially when this is Amish country and Amish buggies and bicycles are a common mode of transportation.

An early Truck Camper

Sites around Erie, PA and Conneaut, OH

Before we left NE Ohio, we made sure we saw a few more sites. Ashtabula County in Ohio has many covered bridges in various states of use and repair. We picked up a brochure and went on one that went right by the jobsite. We had a perfect day for weather and kept meeting up with other's following the same route.

Conneaut, OH also has a small RR Museum. So we stopped in after the Bridge Tour, since they have limited hours. Was free, but donations are appreciated.