Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Minor Upgrades to the Suite

We've found making upgrades is a process. We have the Suite almost just the way we want it. This time we ordered an RV Stained Glass window. Kathy Magarelli, from RVStainedGlass.com did an outstanding job. She made it quickly and shipped it safely to us. We ordered the extra plexi to protect it from the elements.

As soon as we could, I had hubby install it on our door at the Campground. When the sun shines in through the window, the red lights up our kitchen. Very pretty.


Then we added new step covers in blue to match.

Next we did some things in the Interior. Additional shelves in cabinets are always a necessity. I also needed some in the walk-in closet.

New curtains to keep the sun and heat out. Also helps in the Winter when the cold wind is blowing. Still have two large windows to redo. The insulated ones from Wal-mart just don't match the interior. But when you are in a hurry, you have to use what you can get locally.  
While in Indiana, we found we wanted a sofa instead of just one recliner in the rear of the RV. Looked up in Shipshewana at Amish Furniture stores, but couldn't find what we wanted. So after we moved to a new RV Park south of Fort Wayne (Bluffton), we stopped into Ossian Furniture and found a beautiful jean blue Palliser's sofa. I measured and re-measured to make sure it would fit when the slides come in. Had it delivered and it looks great with our Americana d├ęcor.  So comfortable, that I think we'll be looking at their Loveseat to match once the Lazyboy recliners wear out.

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