Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

This museum has quite a few exhibits. We really enjoyed going to Cape Canaveral in Florida many years ago. So we thought we should stop at this museum first.

Since the American History Museum is closed for renovations, they have just a small sampling inside the Air and Space. We saw Lincoln's hat, Mary Todd's dress, Geo Washington's uniform, Dorothy's ruby red slippers, the Scarecrow's outfit, Archie Bunker's chair, Sienfeld's poofy shirt. They had the best place to eat, McDonald's, Boston Market and more.

Museum of the American Indian

The name of the museum is deceiving. There are many Indian exhibits from North America, but also from Central and South America. This is the newest of the Smithsonian Museums. There are so many displays, it feels like it goes on forever. Here are just a few pictures of the many we took.

Two Days in Washington D.C.

The Castle is the original site of the Smithsonian. It is too small to house everything, so there are approximately 16 different buildings. We spent Day One in The Air and Space Museum, Museum of the American Indian, Botanical Gardens, the National Postal Museum and in Union Station. The rest of the day was touring the city on the Old Town Trolley. Day Two we took OTTrolley to the Lincoln Memorial. From there we walked past the Reflecting Pool to the Viet Nam Memorial, on to the WWII Memorial. On the other side of the reflecting pool is the Washington Monument. We continued walking to the Museum of Natural History. From there it was back on OTTrolley and to Union Station.

Day Two, also starting at Union Station, we spent as much time as we could visiting more free sites in DC. This includes more of the Smithsonian Museums and the Presidential Memorials. Old Town Trolley and our feet were our main transportation. The Metro bus/rail system got us to downtown from Cherry Hill RV Park.