Friday, June 09, 2006

Why we chose Doubletree.

When we bought our first 5th wheel, we were limited to finding dealers in north Florida, because that's where we were living at the time. We bought our first 40' 5th wheel thinking that because the brochure said, Fulltiming Unit, that it was sufficient for our needs. Unfortunately, after spending the hottest summer in North Charleston, SC in 10 years and then a few cold winter months near Winston Salem, NC, we started looking for other fulltiming units. Deciding this time it would need:
1) dual pane windows
2) good insulation
3) storage space for things we needed but didn't want sitting around living room
4) a good floorplan for living

I had been doing research on the internet. Reading forums is one great way to gleam information from others. We had already ruled out Hitchhiker the first go around. We knew Teton's were too heavy for our Tow Vehicle. We were leaning towards Heartland's Landmark line. We were able to visit a dealer close to Winston Salem, NC, but they didn't have the exact model we were looking for. Viewing pictures in brochures or online doesn't compare to walking through a unit. So we thought, we would wait for the RV shows to arrive in our area. We might see something new that was out there. Greensboro, NC had one in early January and Charlotte, NC had one later that month.

I reviewed my short list of possible units again and came across Doubletree Mobile Suites. I checked out the Doubletree website. Noted it seemed to have so many things standard that were only options on other RV's or not available at all. It was one I definitely wanted to check out. So I was excited when I found out a dealer near Hickory, NC not only carried the Mobile Suite line, but was going to be at the Greensboro show that very weekend.

Lo and Behold. There it was in the first building. The first unit we walked through. It was like our new home just waiting for us. It had everything we would have ordered if we could sit down and order one. It wasn't a Mobile Suite, though. It was from the Elite line. New to 2006 and it looked like everything we needed plus much more.

After talking to the salesman at Carolina Coach and Camper from Hickory, NC and the East Coast representative for Doubletree, we put down our deposit. They were going to close up the unit for the rest of the show, but because they had so many requests to view it, they couldn't. We were told later that it was even featured as "Best in the Show" on the Greensboro local news station.

In our Beautiful unit:
** Double pane windows
** Large kitchen counters in granite
** Large sidebyside refrigerator
** 3 1/2" walls for R-13 value
** King size 72 x 80 bed
** 42" Sony plasma TV
** 2 AC units
** Kenmore washer & dryer
** GE Profile micro/convection oven
** Wonderful drawer and cabinet space in kitchen and bedroom
** Twice the basement storage as our last trailer
** More than adequate interior lighting

We've now been living in it for 4 mos. It's had it's issues, but none that couldn't be handled easily so far. It's definitely a great unit and fits our needs. We're hoping it will continue to be home for many years to come.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Fulltime sites and rates

I started this page because there seems to be a need for a database with monthly rates available for those searching to save costs while living on the road. It is a work in progress. But will keep updating as we find parks to add.

*** Tallahassee, FL: Tallahassee RV Park
3/2005 to 5/2005: 30 amp monthly site $434.80

*** Cumming, GA: Twin Lakes RV Park
10/2006 to 1/2007: 50 amp monthly prime site $510

*** Statesville, FL: Midway Campground
10/2005 to 3/2006: 50 amp monthly site $339.50 + electric

*** Ladsen, SC: Charleston KOA
6/2005 to 10/2005: 50 amp monthly site $435

*** Fredericksburg, VA: Graningers MH Supply and Park
3/2006 to 7/2006: 50 amp monthly site $450

*** Williamsburg, VA: American Heritage RV Park
7/2006 to 9/2006: 50 amp monthly site $675 ($550 after September)