Thursday, August 30, 2007

Internet Service

We spend hours on the computer and need the internet access. Free WiFi isn't always available and other forms of access just haven't been always reliable in the areas we travel. Our PC is used on the road for much more than the normal sending and reading emails. We use it for paying bills online or accessing company website for emails, sending updated pictures or receiving project paperwork.

Plus there's the research: finding new site seeing spots, local restaurants or shopping, potential RV parks for the next project. Maybe even looking at the new features available on other RV's. We love to take quick trips to RV dealers to check out the features that may look great on the internet, but once you get inside, you find a different story. So when we're in an area, we scout out RV dealerships or better yet, RV Shows coming soon!

Using our mobile internet dish on a tripod really helps us stay connected. There are times in heavy rains or sunspots might prevent online access. But it seems to be the safest and most reliable form of internet access while on the road.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

2008 Ford F450 with BuckStop bumper