Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Wilds in Cumberland, OH

The Wild's is a 10,000 acres conservation area reclaimed from strip mining the SE Ohio area near Cumberland, OH. Mostly endangered species that can be traded around from zoo to zoo for breeding. The area is mostly grassland. Quite beautiful compared to what it used to be.

We chose to ride the Open Air Safari rather than the enclosed bus in the first picture. Some animals came quite close to the bus, while others were off near water. There were unusual animals, like the Sichuan Takin and two different types of Rhino's. The standard White and one that prefers water. The Cheetah's were added in 2007.

It's quite an enjoyable trip and takes a few hours to go through the park. Stops are included so you can get out and walk closer to some of the animal exhibits. It's much different than the Wildlife Safari in Winston, OR where we could drive our own vehicles. In Ohio, the animals are enclosed in sometimes a series of gates. The buses use a clicker to open to allow us to go through and then they are closed behind the buses.

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