Friday, December 03, 2010

Updates on our Suite

In September, on our side trip to Indiana, we had some repairs (new awnings over the slides) and upgrades done at Indiana Interstate Enterprises in Howe, IN. We now have the 2011 Buffet/Dinette table. It fits perfectly next to our LazyBoy recliner loveseat.

Paul Cross had the cabinet maker for DRV make it up. It is a perfect match. It was installed at Paul's shop. Adds wonderful new storage and helps keep me organized.

After seeing the 2011 Suites with a larger LCD in the bedroom, we removed our 19" Sansui and added a 26" VIZIO LED-LCD.  David attached with an articulating arm to the sidewall of the interior of the cabinet. It sits on the outside of the opening, but is movable so I can access the upper cabinet. He also added foam bumpers on sides of the TV for traveling. A bungee cord holds in place- Just in Case.

Thanksgiving is now over and time for our Tree to go up. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to ALL.


Doyle and Terri Johnson said...

Very nice upgrades! I am going to be tackling a major rebuild soon, and I like the looks of your dinette, could I ask you the width of this buffet?

I hate to bother you, but I'm in the planning stages and if it fits, I would like to get this unit to compliment the rest of my remodel.

hitchup: Vickie and David said...

Paul Cross at IIE used DRV's cabinet maker. They made it 72" across. That gives us plenty of room for 2 at the table.
I have to pull chair out to access underneath cabinets, but it's great to have the storage for little used items. I use one shelf for box pantry items and misc.

Doyle and Terri Johnson said...

Could I get more contact info, perhaps a link? This would be perfect for us!

hitchup: Vickie and David said...

Indiana Interstate Enterprises in Howe, IN. Not far from Elkhart.
Paul Cross works on all types of RV's and can put you up in a electric only site right outside his shop if he has an empty space.

Doyle and Terri Johnson said...

Sorry I'm so late in getting back to you, currently migrating north, thank you so much for your help!