Sunday, January 11, 2009

Home Suite Home

This is our 2nd Suite. Here are a few views of the interior of our 2009 Mobile Suite. We customized a 38TKSB3 to a 38RSSB3 by eliminating the desk at Entertainment Center and turning the U-shape kitchen counter into an extended Island.

We had it built with a fiberglass roof which is standard on the Elites. Because we ordered, we have all the options we wanted and none of those that we didn't feel necessary to make us more comfortable. Other items including adding shelves in the bathroom linen closet.

We have replaced all the furniture with residential grade except the dinette table and chairs. David also added a few changes: silver backsplash wall behind the stovetop, shelving in 3 cabinets.
The table is now our computer table.

DRV Luxury Suites has also come out with more new floorplans for 2009 and many upgrades from earlier models.

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