Monday, May 22, 2006

Our Six Children/ 5 boys and 1 girl

David and I didn't start out wanting a large family. He came from a family of five children, I had four in mine. Before we were married, we thought three or four would be a nice number. But ya know, we just enjoyed babies so much, we just kept having them. But six was a good number to stop at. We just took them one at a time.

Our oldest a son was born just under three hours after David arrived from the Seattle airport to the hospital. He had just flown in from Guam on two weeks emergency leave from the SeaBees. David has never missed a birth.

Our second son was born four years later.Exactly two years later, our third son was born. Then exactly two years after that, also in May our daughter was born. Then so we wouldn't have a fourth May birthday, we ended up with a son born on Christmas Day. Then our last was born three years later on my younger sister's birthday. That was it. We were complete. At least until the grandchildren starting coming along.

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histfan said...

Sounds like a big happy family!