Sunday, August 23, 2015

RV Lot for Sale

Since our Retirement Fund isn't growing as fast as we'd hoped (thank you China), we've decided we're working longer until hubs can collect his full SS. 

So our North Georgia Mountains RV Lot is available for sale. We've never even had time to stay there, but have rented it out.

Low Taxes, Reasonable HOA fees that covers Clubhouse, water, garbage and lawn care. 

One of the nicest RV Parks in North Georgia. River's Edge RV Park Phase 1 on Old Bald Mountain Rd in Blairsville, GA. Just south of town near Vogel State Park. 

River's Edge Lot 52

Thursday, July 16, 2015

June 2015 - 5-week Sabbatical

David's company gives him the opportunity to take a 5-wk paid vacation every 10 years. This was our first, but possibly, not the last.
Our Planned Route. Didn't do it exactly this way, but came close. 

This map was presented to David at his Luncheon. Each pin represents a project. So we've already been doing quite a bit of traveling in the Big Camper over the last 10 years.

Packing up, testing AC.

From GA to IL first day. Stopped to say Hello to Superman.

Stopping for the Night.

All this driving makes a guy hungry.

Next CG - checking in at St Joseph, MO

A new day, a new state. Nebraska.

Sleeping by the Tee-Pees in Ogallala.

Stopping by to Tour the Wyoming Territorial Prison in Laramie.

Their most famous inmate, Butch Cassidy.

Cassidy's Gang

After a night's rest, on to Fort Bridger.

Stopping by Love's in ID to eat and refuel as often as we need. The first state we were warm and dry.

Old friends from Sweet Home and Church. Has it really been 31 years?

On to the Oregon Coast. Nothing like it.

Portland Family Reunion Time.


Bridge to Aberdeen, Grays Harbor.

Then to Hoquiam.

Finally at Ocean Shores, where it all started. 💘

Footprints in the Sand.

School friend from 46 years ago.

Back on the road heading over the Pass for a new CG.

About ready to cross over the Upper Columbia River in Eastern WA.

Love's in Ritzville, WA.

Love's in Post Falls, ID

Clinton, MT CG

Hardin, MT CG

Little Big Horn Battlefield. One of the unexpected highlights of the trip.

Little Big Horn Trading Post Cafe for Lunch and Lemonade.

Indian Taco - Yum

WY Rest Area.

South Dakota

Sturgis, SD CG

Days of '76 Museum - Deadwood

Now she's a real Rodeo Clown

Historic Fort Meade. National Guard troops.

Backtracked slightly to Devil's Tower, WY.

Uh, I think it's Behind You...

On our way to Mount Rushmore

Time for Crazy Horse Memorial

Time for excitement. Ziplining in Keystone.

Driving through Bear Country, USA next.

Now over to Reptile Garden in Rapid City.

Wall Drug

Grandpa and Chelsea hanging out with Poker Alice.

Not far - The Badlands Loop

Chelsea took this one at The Badlands. Spooky

Vacation winding down.

Time to put small camper in storage.

Just over MO state line to Mammoth Spring, AR.

Paddle boating with Grandpa.

Waving Goodbye, because it was almost time to head back to work.

Decided we could go straight back to Albuquerque. 15hr 2min drive time. 

Came home to 2 ACs out. Luckily, Home Depot carries the portable ones. Especially since the 3rd one blew up 5 days later.

But we managed to head towards Santa Fe to see if it was cooler. It wasn't. 🎈🎈